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About Us

Document Parcel Express SRL was created in August 2000 with a minimum capital. During seven years of activity, the company has a number of five employees, providing high class services.
The activity of the company is to deliver envelopes and packages, especially international courier services.
The actual main activity is expedition in Bucharest and allover the country (from Constanţa to Arad and from Suceava to Giurgiu) of the material imported from abroad. 
Document Parcel Express SRL intends to extend and increase the number of employees, a more extensive offer of high class services, at an accessible price.
After seven years of activity, Document Parcel Express SRL became one of the courier companies in Romania which constantly developed, winning customers’ trust through prompt and qualitative services.
Document Parcel Express offers each customer the possibility to beneficiate from an offer of services under prompt and qualitative conditions based on mutual respect.  


General informations

  1. Gate way – Bucharest
  2. Low value limit is 22 Euro, any item value greater than low value limit is subject to duty and tax.
  3. Telephone numbers must be written on consignments and consignment notes to enable contact with consignees, as many apartments are not accessible to leave cards.
  4. This will avoid unnecessary delays.Consignments with PO Box addresses will be subject to delay.
Pro-forma invoices must be original and itemized with description.

Size / Weight Restrictions:

  1. A single shipment cannot exceed 250 kilograms.
  2. Maximum weight per price for all products is 50 kilograms  (5 x 50 kilograms/piece = 250 kilograms/shipment);
  3. Maximum length:       118 cm (46 inch);
  4. Maximum width:         70 cm (28 inch);
  5. Maximum height        100 cm (39 inch).
The maximum value allowed for each shipment may vary by destination.

Prohibited items:

The following commodities are NOT acceptable for transport by DPE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES: animals, antiques (breakable and/or fragile), asbestos, bullion, money, firearms, parts thereof and ammunition, furs, hazardous or combustible materials (as defined in IATA regulations), human remains including ashes, jewelry, precious metals and stones, narcotics (illegal), property, the carriage of which is prohibited by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government of any country to or through which the shipment may be carried.



INCOTERMS 2000  is a set of international rules for interpretation of the most frequently commercial terms used in freight trade:

Codes for destination:

CPT - Carriage Paid To … (place of destination)                              

CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid To …(place of destination)                              

DDU - Delivery Duty Unpaid …(border of the destination country)                              

DDP - Delivery Duty Paid …(border of the destination country)


Codes for origin:

EXW - Ex Works … (place of export)                              

FCA - Free Carrier … (place of loading)                       

DAF - Delivery at Frontier … (export country ).

Also please see the invoice send in order to avoid any mistakes and any inconveniences with the customs clearance.

parcel delivery9

Requirements for an invoice for importing goods into Romania 


The invoice must be original or letterhead copy showing the signature and the stamp of the shipper. Invoices with a signature but no stamp will be accepted only if "No stamp available" is written on the invoice. Invoices must show the commercial description of each item, the exact number of pieces of each item and the value of each item. Where products are sold in set/kits the invoice must show the number of pieces and the value of each piece in set/kit. The invoice must be typewritten. Every detail on the invoice (values, address, etc.) must match what is written on the airway bill. Invoices with erasures, corrections, modifications or additions in pen, in different characters or in other initial fonts from the original will be not accepted. Where an invoice contains INCOTERMS 90 freight terms the origin or destination port should be stated in full.


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